We all love a few sweets from time to time right? Some more than others? Well, We thought we would list a few of our favourites and see if you agree.
Top of the list for us here at the office is Bubs they look at taste amazing we must admit that we do have to order a few extra just to cope with the demand in the office!

Number 2 on our list is the Water Melon Slices we originally added these to our website as a customer requested them, however they are now a firm favourite with both the customers and our staff.
Number 3 is Jazzles these are just a classic and almost a staple part of our sweetie pick n mix packs.
Number 4 on the list is Tongue Painters – Now had you asked me just a few weeks ago, these wouldn’t have made the list. It’s a don’t knock it till you’ve tried it approach here. They are actually great sweets.
Number 5 = Sour Grapes – Something about these is very moreish. They are also Vegan.

And last but not least number 6, Of course it’s the Jelly Baby! – These classics are in nearly every Custom Pick N Mix we make for our customers.